My Role as the Successful Farming Magazine Engine Man


As the magazine’s name states, the mission of the entire staff is to be a tool for the prosperity of those that make farming and ranching their living. My personal goal is to educate, guide and challenge you to make the equipment side of your agricultural operation as vibrant and dynamic as possible.

To do this cutting edge technology is explored while not neglecting tried-and-true methods that have proven to be irreplaceable. On the pages of SF you will find a unique balance of theory and technology to improve farm and ranch productivity.

I employ a mindset that acknowledges that just because something is traditional does not mean it is out dated; and just because it is new it does not mean it has value. This edict has spawned the SF Engine Man through the vision of Dave Mowitz.

The impetus for the SF Engine Man was the acknowledgement that any successful operation applies the same level of scrutiny to each aspect of the business. As we all know the “bottom line” of any farm or ranch is the cumulative effect of all costs of production versus the price received for the harvest. Thus, it is possible that an excellent decision made in the field that creates a substantial yield bump can easily be erased by an avoidable machinery breakdown that was rooted in misinformation or a lack of understanding.  As the SF Engine Man I want to put an end to that ---- I want you to keep what you make and use that profit to generate even more revenue the following harvest season!

To this cause, I will provide an eclectic array of primers through Successful Farming that will address all aspects of the machinery side of your farm or ranch operation. Some will be more in-depth and technical while others may be more rudimentary or out of the ordinary. I suggest that you keep an open mind and read each as a resource. What may not have value today may prove worthy tomorrow. You will be able to read my articles also on the Successful Farming website  and watch some of my videos there too.

The most important thing is for you to recognize that I am here for you. So please feel free to provide your input, thoughts and suggestions to make my work better or to explore a topic that I have overlooked.

Use me as a resource for your farm or ranch. I welcome opening a dialog with you. I will not have all of the answers but I will do my best to either find out or hopefully steer you in the proper direction. Please remember that I too learn from you. I can be reached at:

Thank you so much for reading Successful Farming and for watching my segments on the Machinery Show on RFD-TV. I am not on every week ---- I am included nine times during the viewing season.

By doing this you have bestowed an honor and responsibility on me to be the best that I can so that you can be the most profitable.

America will only remain strong if the farms and ranches run by people and families of your caliber prosper and grow. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and all that you do to keep food on the table of a growing and disconnected world. May God bless and keep you.

Respectfully yours,

Ray T. Bohacz 

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