Learn About Engines on the Successful Farming Machinery Show 

To those not involved in agriculture you may be thinking, why do I want to watch a farm machinery show? Well the answer is simple ---- the engine and its components do not know if they are on a farm machine or muscle machine. They all work the same.  

For this reason I invite you to visit the Successful Farming website and view my segments from the Machinery Show that discuss finding a vacuum leak, performing a cylinder leak down test, working with spark plugs, servicing drive belts along with other topics that are relevant to any engine. 

To view my past TV show segments please go to www.agriculture.com/engineman. As my tips air on the Machinery Show they will be transferred to the website. 

While you are on the Successful Farming website you will find approximately 30 more of my engine related technical articles that will be just as helpful to the farmer or hot roddder.

Thanks so much for allowing me to help make all of your engines run their best!

Respectfully yours,

Ray T. Bohacz 

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