You have the passion and you own the car but where do you go to learn about caring for, modifying and maintaining a classic vehicle? You need something more than a book or magazine article. If you have ever longed for a seminar that addressed the pertinent issues of muscle/classic car ownership, one that allows for an interactive dialog between you and presenter, you aren't alone.  Ray T. Bohacz’s Muscle Car Academy is just what you are looking for.

Many of you know Ray from his technical articles in several prominent, nationally published magazines. Few realize that Ray’s background is in teaching seminars that convey his knowledge to the audience in a practical and easy to understand way. Due to his 25 plus years of experience in training the automotive industry and his love for collector cars, the Muscle Car Academy was born.

In demand topics are covered such as:

·        Proper Starting Procedure

·        Today’s Gasoline in Yesterday’s Cars

·        Choosing the Best Oil for Your Classic

·        Points versus Electronic Ignition

·        4 Issues – 4 Solutions:  Hard Starting, Overheating, Detonation/Pinging & Finding an Oil Leak

·        Does My Engine Need to be “Rebuilt?”

·        Choosing a Machine Shop

·        Storing Your Classic

Sessions include time for open question and answer period. 

The daylong seminar includes coffee breaks and lunch along with the opportunity for attendees to mingle with like-minded enthusiasts and with Ray.

The Muscle Car academy is scheduling dates now and is also available to work with your group or club for a private seminar.

Please contact Joe Macfarlan for further information: 609-638-0400, or email

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